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    06/05/23 9:53:37 AM

Francis-Mustoe & Company...
Your Source for Edible Oils


Founded in 1946, Francis-Mustoe & Company has been actively representing the edible oils industry to food companies for over 75 years. During that time, we have supported development and growth of the edible oils industry, and steadfastly upheld a standard of uncompromising integrity backed by knowledge and hard work for our clients.

Francis-Mustoe & Company facilitates the transactions of millions of pounds of edible fats and oils consumed annually in the United States. Through comprehensive coverage of all edible oil markets, Francis-Mustoe brokers have intimate knowledge of, and keen insight into, market pricing trends, regional supply/demand dynamics, and industry developments that can impact purchasing decisions.

Francis-Mustoe & Company provides:  

- Facilitation of market value discovery--With contacts throughout the edible oil industry--both producers and consumers--Francis-Mustoe & Company brokers have a broad awareness of, understanding for, and connection to national, regional, and local market dynamics and trends   

- Comprehensive product availability--With one call to Francis-Mustoe & Company, advice, samples, and technical information about any oil product can be quickly available. From bulk and packaged commodity oils, to unique technical fats with customized functionality for specialty applications, Francis-Mustoe & Company can provide prompt response to your request

- Logistics coordination and management--At each of our offices, Francis-Mustoe & Company maintains a staff of professional customer service personnel specifically charged with managing the supply chain between our clients. Services include:
--Maintaining consistent, effective, and reliable contact with all oil consuming facilities, and coordinating projected consumption requirements and patterns with refiner production scheduling
--Specific order scheduling and adjustment, as needed to accommodate for emergency circumstances
--Rail car tracing and fleet management. For rail consumers, we work to optimize utilization of the refiner's rail car fleet, minimizing costs for refiners while analyzing loaded transit times, assuring continuity for consumers

-Administrative Support--Additional services provided to Francis-Mustoe & Company clients include accounts receivable collection, contract administration, and management of contract balances

-Conveyance of key market information--Using a broad range of media and market information sources throughout the world, Francis-Mustoe & Company brokers work hard to obtain, analyze, and interpret critical market information. As a result, we provide reliable, consistent, and balanced insight about key market factors to our business partners that can have a profound impact on making informed buying and selling decisions for their firms
For further information, please call us at 800-854-3759 (West) or 800-453-9525 (East).

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